The Theater

Success Rate:  49%                       Room Capacity:  10

Strange things have been happening in the theater. Strange enough that tonight, opening night, some of the actors are too scared to take the stage.

The ones that aren't just freaked out are whispering about quitting because they are sick of lights going down early, props coming up missing, and unusual doors being locked.

Which brings us to you guys.

You and your team of paranormal investigators are here to prove that there's no haunting here. Maybe it's faulty wiring, or even a mischievous patron just trying to stir up some trouble.

Either way, you'd better work fast. Showtime is in 1 hour and if our stars won't go on, we will have to shut the doors, forever!  Break a leg!

The Ship Dungeon

Success Rate:  48%                       Room Capacity:  8

Yesterday a Quarter Master, today a prisoner! How did this happen?

I'll tell you how.  That first mate that has been eyeing your position since you set sail has framed you, that’s how.

 Luckily you still have a team of allies on the ship that know you are not trying to stage a mutiny as the Captain has been led to believe.

Use them and your own wits to escape the ship's dungeon and prove your innocence before the Captain makes you walk the plank!

Old Man Jones's Workshop

Success Rate:  30%                       Room Capacity:   7

There goes Mr. Jones, off to the Farmers’ Market keeping his usual routine. 

What is different today is that your friends have dared you to go and check out the old man’s mysterious workshop.  And, of course, you agreed.

But now the door has locked behind you! 

You have one hour to figure out the clues to escape the shop before Old Man Jones returns. 

If he catches you, who knows what he would do?  Well, you’re not willing to stick around and find out.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Success Rate: 39%                              Room Capacity:  6

It's time to make your own adventure as you travel through Wonderland!

Better hurry!  You have one hour to return home...and you do not want to be LATE!